Excerpt from the text entitled "Ibarrola, in 57 strokes" by J. A. Vela del Campo (Catalog "Agustín Ibarrola. Art and Nature. Circle of Fine Arts, Madrid, November 1999.)

The painting must be something that becomes totally independent of the order established by nature, with its dominant colors and climates. Incorporated painting, nature acquires other atmospheres and the landscape is transformed, but for this it is necessary to see the mental instrument of man. If thick lines are drawn they should appear in their condition as lines, with the ability to structure a shape or whatever.

Otherwise, they are confused with nature. The brushstrokes of color must be very precise and contrasted with the backgrounds and with the colors that among the pines the vegetation transludes. If this is not the case, the presence of the painting itself loses its identity and also the sense of what is being done is devalued.

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